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piano, producer & film scoring



Lisandro Pidre is a music producer and pianist from Argentina. He started playing music at a very young age.

Since he was 11, he studied music at "López Buchardo" Conservatory of Classical Music, "Adorad" Institute, Escuela de Música Contemporánea (Global Partnership Berklee)


He was 23 when he joined the band "Alvaro Lopez y Resqband", which allowed him to play, record, and travel through Latin America and the US for 10 years, winning a lot of awards. A Latin Grammy nomination in 2019 stands out among his international recognitions.

Ending his tme at Alvaro Lopez & Resqband, Lisandro began his projects as an indepedent artist. Producing independent artist from Latin America, he ventured into the orchestral industry as an arranger and conductor and giving master classes as a pianist, as well as playing with different artists.


He has played live with Dave Weckl, Jesús Molina, Justin Lee Schultz, Noel Schajris, Federico Malaman, Junior Braguinha, Ed Calle, Horacio "El Negro" Hernández, Stu Hamm, and others.


Musicians with whom he has participated in a studio sharing credits: Waldo Madera, Federico Malaman, Ed Calle, Richard Bravo, Alvaro López, Michael Landau, Kiko Cibrian, John Peña, Gabe Terrado, Víctor Peña, among others.

Regarding the projects he has recently done and is currently working on, the following stand out:

  • He mades orchestral arrangements and productions for recognized artists

  • He is a filmscoring composer, recently he worked for films and series, of which two were released in cinema.

  • He released his album as a pianist called "El Eyon", and has presented it in Latin American countries and the USA.

  • Works as an artist with different brands of instruments. Of which Studiologic, an Italian company, stands out.

  • Lisandro Pidre is also the founder and CEO of CLAMA, which is one of the most important learning platforms with more than 15.000 students around the world.

as a pianist...

orchestral conductor & filmscoring

In 2020, he composed the music for "Enigma," a musical featuring over 50 performers, premiering at the Pepsi Center in Mexico. He conducted the Metropolitan Orchestra of Mexico City for this production.

In 2023, he reprised the musical, this time leading one of the country's premier orchestras, the Symphony Orchestra of Nuevo León, at the iconic Monterrey Pavilion.

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In 2023, he composed the music for the movie 'Nosotros, los de la fe' for the renowned production company Canzion Films, founded by Marcos Witt.

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Beyond the Piano Keys

Delve into Lisandro Pidre's artistic realm. His works extend far beyond the piano. Explore the composer, orchestra arranger, and visionary entrepreneur, discovering his latest achievements and accolades.



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